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Three-aisle drive in warehouses with in-house WMS

Our in-house Warehouse Management System used at Henkel

Henkel, the detergent manufacturer with famous brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf, or Pritt, is market leader in Russia. An efficient distribution centre has been constructed during wintry conditions in Perm, Russia. Shorter delivery routes ensure greater sustainability.

The warehouse and production at Henkel in Russia are in operation around the clock, seven days a week. To optimise the logistics process, a high bay warehouse with space for approx. 20,000 pallets was built in Perm, Russia. Due to its physical proximity to the production area and improved efficiency of delivery routes the solution also saves on CO2 emissions. One of the most severe challenges posed during the project was the weather during the Russian winter. The project required extremely precise planning to ensure complete adherence to all deadlines.

Alexey Shilo
Head of Logistics, Henkel Russia Laundry & Home Care

"Excellent management and creative solutions, no matter how demanding the task, are features of collaboration with Jungheinrich."

Three-aisle drive in warehouses with in-house WMS

The core of the 12,500 square metre logistics centre is the three-aisle drive in warehouse with a capacity of almost 20,000 pallets, a storage height of 26 metres and 10 storage levels.
In order to ensure round-the-clock production and storage, our WMS was introduced for warehouse management. It manages both manual and automatic activities in the warehouse. Its introduction meant that dynamic management of the picker station and a replenishment process adapted as closely as possible to the customer's requirements are both possible.
Due to optimising logistics processes, delivery routes have been shortened by several hundred thousand kilometres and CO2 emissions have been reduced by 366 tonnes per year.

Creative solutions, no matter how demanding the task

"An important selection criterion for us was that our partner be as flexible as possible, in order to meet the demanding requirements of Henkel. This includes meeting the highest standards of safety, and respecting tight project deadlines. In addition, the financial aspect must be kept at an appropriate level," states Alexey Shilo, Head of Logistics for Henkel in Perm. He continues: "Jungheinrich is a strong team, that works under difficult and even extreme conditions. Excellent management, the co-ordination of the project as a whole, strict compliance with project deadlines and creative solutions for even the most difficult of tasks are typical when working with Jungheinrich.”